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Sorry I didn’t read your book

On “Fresh Air,” Terry Gross was talking to the co-writers and co-directors of Coco, Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich. Setting up a question about how to make a “child-friendly” movie about death, she began, “Now, this is a family film. … Continue reading

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We asked you to work for free to protect your ego

The Next Web conference presents itself as a big huge deal. Founded in 2006, based in Amsterdam, it claims to be “an unmissable fixture in the European tech scene, bringing together a week of side events and a 2-day conference … Continue reading

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Cruz to City: Drop Dead

A person running for president said something snide, and later said he was apologizing for it. Sounds good until you seek the apology. The candidate isn’t expressing regret, he’s piling insults higher.

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He said he’s sorry about your pain! Friends now, right?

Colleges have a long tradition of ironing over certain problems between students. If someone screams because they got burned? They iron harder. It used to work better.

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Oy, Dov. Oy, LRN.

Remember our dainty feminine foot-stomping when New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin decided to launch a feature called Apology Watch, with the help of business consultant Dov Seidman? Remember how Sorkin wouldn’t reply to our emails? (Though we did hear from his editor and from Seidman, … Continue reading

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Unpack that snarky hashtag

Trending today on Twitter: #sorrynotsorry. Let’s unpack that and spread its contents all over the floor. And accidentally step on some of it. #sorrynotsorry means: “This is a situation where people often say ‘Sorry,’ but since I’m unrepentant, I’m just … Continue reading

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Sorry, I thought you were pregnant

In Chapter 16 of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Kidnapped, our hero David Balfour asks the skipper of a ferryboat if he knows where to find the fugitive Alan Breck, and tries to give him a shilling. The skipper, Neil Roy, … Continue reading

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A bitter, bitter apology song

Delightful, peppy misery from The Colourfield, a band of my youth. (Thank you, fellow child-of-the-80s Carole Newton McManus for the SorryWatch tip.) A good description of Colourfield’s vibe: “Bouncy, upbeat, orchestral pop with a dark vision at its core…sophisticated new pop: … Continue reading

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Parts of a bad apology

We talked about the parts of a good apology. Now let’s go negative and talk about the parts of a bad apology. This list could be much longer, because people are creative and keep coming up with new stuff. It’s … Continue reading

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It’s not offensive if our intentions were pure!

Good analysis of a corporate weasel apology over at Jezebel: An Australian cosmetics company ran an ad featuring a model in blackface, then pulled it, then trotted out a “sorry-if” and finally reinstated it. SorryWatch agrees with Jenna Sauers’s interpretation, but … Continue reading

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