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20! Think about 20! Don’t think about 17!

The Washington Post headline: “A pastor admitted a past sexual incident with a teen. His congregation gave him a standing ovation.” Others also focused on the applause. “Pastor admits to ‘sexual incident’ with teen 20 years ago, gets standing ovation” … Continue reading

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G’mar Tov, to all our Yom Kippur observers

As Yom Kippur nears, there are two traditional things celebrants say to each other. G’mar chatima tova and g’mar tov. Careful readers will note that the three-word and two-word expressions are similar! And both can tell us something instructive about … Continue reading

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A fine apology from the March for Racial Justice

SorryWatch exists because good apologies are hard. When human beings are challenged on our behavior, we often react with defensiveness. We may obfuscate a bit. We may make excuses. And this is natural. No one wants to feel uncomfortable; it’s … Continue reading

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Flying While Turbaned

A week ago, the Sikh fashion designer/model/actor Waris Ahluwalia was denied permission to board a flight back home to New York, because he refused a demand from Aeromexico to remove his turban in public. Ahluwalia instagrammed a shot of himself … Continue reading

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Who knew, guru?

On Christmas, my non-SorryWatch-non-Sumac colleague Mark Oppenheimer published a piece in the New York Times about a New Age spiritual leader named Marc Gafni. Gafni advises such luminaries as John Mackey (of Whole Foods), John Gray (of Men Are From Mars, … Continue reading

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Five doves and many small dogs

I came across an apology from 2011, and back-tracked to try to figure out what happened. This took place on, a website started by John Tng, Jim Bramlett, and three like-minded people in 1997, to “proclaim… the soon return … Continue reading

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Seasonal meditations on apologies and forgiveness

Over at Tablet Magazine (where snarly is a columnist) there is a delightful comic about all the different apologies the artist owes for long-ago incidents. It’s funny and also sad.

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Maimo, Maimo, it’s off to apologize we go!

Hey, as we head into Rosh HaShanah, let’s go through the 12th century sage Moses Maimonides’s RULES FOR APOLOGIZING. It won’t be boring, I swear. Get back here. Maimonides (who had the jaunty nickname Rambam) was a Spanish physician and chicken soup … Continue reading

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sorry you hate freedom, whiny readers!

As you may have heard, a romance novel between a Jewish prisoner and an SS Commander, set in a concentration camp during World War II, is stirring up some mishegas. It came to a head when an author and critic, Sarah Wendell … Continue reading

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He can’t even

We weren’t eager to cover Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s apology. The crime – the Boston Marathon bombing – was so terrible. We’re both against capital punishment. The whole business makes us queasy. But it seemed important to look at it. How can … Continue reading

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