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she don’t need permission, makes her own decisions, that’s her prerogative

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth issued a royal pardon to Alan Turing, aka the father of modern computing. Turing was a mathematician whose work as a codebreaker during World War II saved the lives of countless British citizens. But he was also … Continue reading

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The king’s apology and the queen’s apology

Start with the fragile, elephant-shooting king. Add an angry queen, a princess accused of embezzlement, the king’s golden-haired friend (also a princess), charges of usurpation (usurpury?), an adultery web site accused of fakery (no! really?), and a nation in financial … Continue reading

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Whereas That Was Sad

The Events: It would be nice if we were all familiar with the Great Upheaval/Grand Dérangement – the forcible exile of the Acadians from the Maritime Provinces of Canada. But Americans, for example, typically learn little Canadian history. And these … Continue reading

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