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apologies are awkward

One reason so many apologies are terrible is that apologizing well is HARD. Look how excruciatingly awkward John’s apology to Karen is. Karen was right to be angry when John impugned her fishing and swimming. Bravo to John for apologizing … Continue reading

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Take an apology lesson from Thor

Last year, SorryWatch approvingly noted that actor Chris Hemsworth made a good apology for insensitive behavior. It turns out that his character Thor is also a good apologizer! In a deleted scene from the first Thor movie in 2011, we … Continue reading

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Fonzie does not apologize

You may or may not remember Happy Days, a relic from a long-ago time before Ron Howard was a big-macher director and Scott Baio was an intolerance-spewing sexist bigot. It was also a time before Henry Winkler was a best-selling children’s … Continue reading

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