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Chris Pratt’s pre-emptive press-tour strike

When Equinox does it, it’s douchey. When Chris Pratt does it, it is adorable! What is it? Pre-Apology! 

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Sexist scientist schmucks sorry-ish

Warning. I am crankier than usual right now. I’m still in a fury about serial domestic violence perpetrator Floyd Mayweather being protected by the entire city of Las Vegas and getting paid a gazillion dollars to beat someone up (at least that … Continue reading

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ESPN Mean Girl Apologizes Badly

Apologizing to the public is well and good, but you also have to apologize directly to the person you wronged. And in this case, even the public apology was lousy.

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Let’s all listen to Orlando Jones

Mr. Jones, a fine actor on the first-season-was-awesome-and-then-oh-GOD-but-I’m-not-giving-up-yet television program Sleepy Hollow, is known for his skilled use of social media. He has, however, not always knocked his social-media apologies out of the park, as we have discussed on this … Continue reading

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“kanye west” apologizes

We have a real (crap) Kanye apology and a fake Kanye apology song! Kanye apologized for dissing Beck (and also Bruno Mars) in a manner as minimalist as a $120 plain white t-shirt. At the Grammys last month, it seemed for … Continue reading

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Compare ‘n’ contrast! Rolling Stone & Jon Stewart apologies!

In a roundup last week, Jon Stewart offered up a list of Black men from around the country who had been killed by police in the last year. Unfortunately, one of the men wasn’t shot or strangled; he was Tasered while … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on apology vs regret

Jon Stewart was amusant last week in a report about the St. Louis Rams’s “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture. We shall now weigh in with our analysis belatedly, as is our frequent wont. We are busy ladies.  

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Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle

A guest post by SorryWatch Senior Kidlit Correspondent Andria Amaral, the Young Adult Services Manager at the Charleston County Public Library in South Carolina.  As you’ve probably heard by now, after winning the prestigious Young People’s Literature Award for her … Continue reading

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nicki minaj hates nazis, you guys!

This morning a writer from Refinery 29, Lauren Le Vine, emailed us for a comment on Nicki Minaj’s apology. (We also heard from a couple of readers wanting us to tackle it.) You see, Ms. Minaj had released a video filled … Continue reading

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You’re welcome to watch and cheer for us

An August evening in a small public park in San Francisco’s Mission District. Neighborhood kids playing soccer. A group showed up, saying they had reserved the field for an hour, from 7 till 8pm. They looked like prosperous white guys, … Continue reading

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