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You won’t have to ride the bus with THOSE PEOPLE

When a small business places an advertisement, they usually hope to attract customers. Not hate mail, boycotts, hearings, subpoenas, and people digging into their past. So ads should be carefully worded. And if a business owner is moved to make … Continue reading

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Sun salutations, sizeism, sexism and scumbaggery

By the end of this horrible, un-yogic apology you will be lying in savasana on your floor. (See what I did there.) THE BACKSTORY: Earlier this week, in a 20,000-member closed Facebook group for yoga teachers, a fat yoga teacher … Continue reading

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The bragpology subset of fauxpology

In the wake of several terrible celebrity apologies (Hi, Bill!), the ever-observant Sumac noted to Snarly in an email that bragpology seems to be a fun, skeevy trend. Let us define terms: Bragpology is a boast hidden inside an expression of regret. … Continue reading

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No way, Ina May

Let’s examine two apologies for the exact same incident. One is terrible. One is excellent. But first, let’s look at an adorable baby, because we’re gonna need to. Ready? OK. Last month, Texas Birth Networks, a non-profit that works to improve infant … Continue reading

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10 Things We Hate About the Telegram’s Apology

First, check out this apology by Steve, the managing editor of the Telegram in Newfoundland. Steve is purportedly apologizing for a headline on a rape story — “TOO DRUNK TO REMEMBER.” Let’s discuss! Why is this a terrible apology, compounding the initial … Continue reading

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I apologize for you taking this way too seriously!

A Facebook story!  Civil servant in small-town West Virginia refers to Michelle Obama as “a Ape in heels” [sic]. Mayor of said town replies to the post: “Just made my day Pam” [sic]. National outcry ensues. Civil servant is removed from her post. … Continue reading

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Would you like to read a case study in shitty apologies and social media implosion? You are in luck! VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) is a journal of young adult literature. It recently reviewed a novel called Run by Kody Keplinger. … Continue reading

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Has Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz apologized for the emails (released by Wikileaks) that have embarrassed the Clinton campaign and the DNC? I don’t think so, and alas, I have no humungous team of interns to make sure. (Though … Continue reading

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Stop calling non-apologies apologies, media friends!

Hello, Los Angeles Times! Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not apologize to Donald Trump, despite your headline saying she did. Nope. And here’s your problematic lead (or lede, if we wish to sound all JOURNALISTICAL):

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