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SorryWatch Does Art

This is a 2007 piece called Forgiveness, by artist Dan Attoe. I don’t know what it means. And it’s art, so your interpretation’s as good as mine.

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It’s sexism clobberin’ time!

Peter V. Brett, a fantasy novelist and dad, got a superhero board game for 6-year-old daughter Cassie. As he wrote on his blog, he was gobsmacked to learn that in a children’s game about DC superheroes and supervillains, made by the … Continue reading

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I’m sorry I’m making you look at art but you have to

Thanks, Friend o’ SorryWatch Nicola, for pointing us toward the work of artist David Fullarton, which is deliciously apology-centric!

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12 artful apologies

A tangible representation of your sorry-ness is lovely, but doesn’t excuse you from proffering ACTUAL WORDS from your piehole. And actual actions, beyond the Instagram-friendly tagging of a door (edgy!) or the use of old-school clothespins (FUNCT!), is essential. In … Continue reading

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Would that this were real.

Part of a British guerrilla art project in the Tube.

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