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G’mar Tov, to all our Yom Kippur observers

As Yom Kippur nears, there are two traditional things celebrants say to each other. G’mar chatima tova and g’mar tov. Careful readers will note that the three-word and two-word expressions are similar! And both can tell us something instructive about … Continue reading

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At last

Hugo Solano was killed by a violent teenager. Left behind were his wife Ana Solano and their two children. When the teenager, Juan Martin Garcia, was on trial Ana Solano was asked what sentence she thought he should get.

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Now that he knows…

This story starts very badly, but gets better. A young man raped a girl in 1997. He was 22, a veteran, sleeping on the floor at someone’s house in Calgary, Alberta. So was a 13-year-old girl at a sleepover. He … Continue reading

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There are no words. Apparently. Just Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!

In April 2012, as Steve and Paula Alarcon were sleeping, someone fired five shots through the bedroom window, hitting them in the legs. Steve Alarcon wasn’t able to walk for months. Paula Alarcon did better, once the risk of bleeding … Continue reading

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Does it help if you hate yourself?

Medical technician David Kwiatkowski was addicted to fentanyl. He had a simple way of getting this legally-controlled opioid, used for severe pain. At hospitals where he worked, he’d take pre-filled syringes of fentanyl, shoot up, refill the syringes with harmless … Continue reading

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