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Tune in for action! Suspense! Personal sagas! Ignorant national stereotypes!

NBC just fired Joshua Cooper Ramo, whom they’d hired to do analysis for the Olympics. These winter Olympics are being held in South Korea. During the opening ceremonies, Ramo commented that from 1910 to 1945, Korea was occupied by Japan, … Continue reading

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Career suicide

Logan Paul has been successful in careers that recently didn’t exist, like “YouTube vlogger,” or that recently didn’t exist and now don’t exist again, like “Vine star.” He’s also tried perennial categories like “actor” and “just started a band!” He’s … Continue reading

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Too creepy to travel

BY SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER JONELLE PATRICK Damn, it used to be a white guy in Tokyo could get away with anything – like playfully choking girls in public, randomly ramming their heads into his crotch while cheerfully shouting “Pikachu!” and … Continue reading

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Apologies and non-apologies to comfort women

Last week, Japan’s former prime minister Tomiichi Murayama visited South Korea and met with three former comfort women. Comfort women, of course, were those 200,000 women (some of them very young teenagers) forced into prostitution for the Japanese military during World … Continue reading

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Ixnay on the ockerymay

It’d be nice to start the new year by exalting another good apology. Let’s see. The hiphop band The Roots went on tour in Japan. Drummer Questlove kept up an effervescent beat of reactions. After a while people started calling … Continue reading

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