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Here’s tutu respect, and here’s tutu better apologies than this

Go, Greybull Standard! The small-town paper’s lead paragraph (or “lede,” as we journos ostentatiously and wrongheadedly spell it) recently came out swinging in a story about some eyebrow-raising words from a state senator: Last Thursday, April 20, U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) … Continue reading

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Daily Beast, please take an apology class from Autostraddle

Hello, Daily Beast! We of the Internetz have short memories. Yet we of SorryWatch would like everyone to NEVER FORGET how terrible your recent apology for your life-threatening homophobic clickbait-y idiocy was. Now we will point you to another web site that … Continue reading

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This booger-related apology is better than The Daily Beast’s Olympic apology

I have no context for this note, but does it really need context? Why Riley’s Apology Note Is Better Than The Daily Beast’s Apology Note:  Simplicity. There’s no talk about Riley’s noble tradition of standing up to bullies, being a supportive … Continue reading

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Try again, Daily Beast.

Quick summary of the story before we get to analyzing the apology: On Thursday morning, The Daily Beast put up a story in which a straight, married journalist named Nico Hines used mobile dating apps to see if he could … Continue reading

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An onstage meltdown

We here at SorryWatch HQ are baffled by Michelle Shocked’s outburst and apology. Susan and I don’t often disagree (this time we did) and we don’t often change our minds about whether an apology is good (this time we did).

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Apologetically ever after

Noodging someone to apologize often fails. The noodgee can feel defensive and resentful; the noodger finds she can’t get no satisfaction. But here is a case where public shaming quickly made the offender do the right thing, and everyone lived … Continue reading

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